Offline Talk – When the Gaming Lull Hits…

We all know about this, the gaming lull hits us right about this time of the year. There seems to be two actually, one a few months before the E3 train starts leaving the station, and the other after the train arrives and unloads all its upcoming titles and announcements.


So what do you do? Typically I find myself looking at the backlog and becoming overwhelmed. Exclamations ranging from “Did I really buy Civ 6? I thought I only had 5….” to “I forgot all about Resident Evil 7!”. The list of titles that slipped past me due to other titles coming out or just forgetting about them because of a busy everyday life. No fault of the games themselves, just us players being players.


In all honesty I find myself “missing” games the most when I am away from the consoles or PC. I would be out in the mall or driving and the thought of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES (yes the first one, yes I know) pops into my head. I find myself going back in time to when I played that game. The endless hours of memorizing the dam level so you would pass through that seaweed electricity maze with barely a scratch (or no scratch!) followed by the need to play it again. You even keep reminding yourself “I need to check this out! When I get home I’ll fire up. The NES, it’s sitting right there…”


Fast forward to when you are at home and somewhere between convincing yourself you need to play TMNT to walking in the door your mind shifts…. “I’m home I have to feed the dogs. What’s for dinner? Gotta take a shower, check emails, see what is happening on ResetEra, see what Kotaku is saying, who is on Twitch……” and your mind is pulled in other directions. By the time you sit in your gaming grotto TMNT is not in your head. The thought isn’t even brought forward by the game sitting on the shelf, because there are a TON of games you have not played yet on that shelf as well.


Before I go off on a “back in the day” tangent I will say that for me, now is the time to play those games that have been sitting there doing nothing, the ones I purchased but never played not because they were bad, well some may be, but because they were lost in thought over time. Personally, I would look at it on a week by week basis. Checking the Metacritic “Coming Soon” tab reveals a bunch of titles releasing over the next week, none of which seem extremely exciting to me…”hahaha…Totes the Goat on Switch…that’s cute.” And with those words I will now proceed to ignore my own advice and play Diablo 3, because Season 12 is live and I just feel like exploding corpses with my Necromancer. Many of us fall into this group of saying we will play something and end up playing something else. Maybe the best way to handle a time when the lull hits, is not to! The games aren’t going anywhere. And as for TMNT, i’ll play it next time…

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