Studios closing, Nintendo Switch Online, Games coming out! – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Ep. 22

In this episode we switch things up a bit (snaps fingers). Mike and Shiva talk about EA’s potential threat of having to overhaul their lootbox system, the sad (but probably expected) closure of some studios, some new games hitting shelves this week, the thought of going online with Switch after being online for free and what games we are currently playing!

Dragon Quest, Streets of Rage 4, the fun is back! – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Ep. 21

We are back people! We jump right back into news, views, opinions and games. Shiva and Mike first start off talking about the news in games ranging from ex Blizzard employees to possible red flags on Anthem to the questions about the visuals of Spider-Man. We then start chatting about games coming out; hype about Dragon Quest and lose our minds on the Streets of Rage 4 announcement.

Going on a trip? What games should you pack? – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Ep. 20

Shiva talks about what he packs and avoids packing game and tech wise on his trips, his love for playing retro games on long flights and some insight as to what happened this week in the World of Warcraft community.

Octopath Traveler deep dive! – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Ep. 19

On this episode of the podcast Shiva and Mike take a deep dive into Octopath Traveler. Mike gives a super in depth take of what he has noticed from the game, some of the weaknesses and how they are clearly overshadowed by the games strengths. We then touch on No Mans Sky where Shiva and Mike discuss their conflicting opinions of the release of NEXT, the free update with No Mans Sky two years after the launch of the game that left fans disappointed. Finally we close up talking about some new titles coming to consoles, lots of Metroidvanias around the corner, Shiva’s favorite!

The return of No Mans Sky? – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Episode 18

On Episode 18 Shiva chats about his thoughts on the return of No Mans Sky, the failure of Culling 2 and what AAA can probably learn or may already be learning based on how those developers handle their failures. Frost Front also chats about his experiences during his 12 years playing World of Warcraft, some awesome trailers from San Diego Comic Con and the awesome games coming out this week.

Octopath Traveler is here! – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Ep. 17

In this episode Mike and Shiva talk about the the highly anticipated Octopath Traveler. We both have varied opinions on the game based on our time spent with it so far and we both share those thoughts with our listeners. We also discuss some recent news regarding recent member of Bioware leaving to pursue some other goals. Mike and Shiva end up going down the rabbit hole of EA, Bioware and the changes in video games over the years.

SNES Woes, Tennocon, Octopath Traveler and more – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Ep. 16

On this episode of the Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast, Shiva and Mike talk about the upcoming Octopath Traveler game for Switch. Mike breaks down the demo, what he likes and doesn’t about it so far and how excited he is for an RPG of this caliber to come along. We also talk about some issues I had with my original SNES console and some thoughts on the Super NT. Shiva then goes on to chat about Tennocon and the ever expanding universe of Warframe.

That Super Mario 64 Race! – SGDQ – Frost Front Games Videogame Podcast Ep. 15.7

Today we cover the last day of SGDQ. We talk about Mario 64, the expectations for today and the exceptionally awesome Final Fantasy 6 speed run that is 7 hours long!

Super Mario 3 SGDQ was so awesome! – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Episode 15.6

Shiva and Mike are back talking about what may have been the highlight of SGDQ so far. The Mario 3 run went every way but right and ended up being the most entertaining and fun run we have seen so far at the event. We also talk about some of the cool stuff showing today, some highlights of what we caught so far including some of the beat em ups like Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and Golden Axe. SGDQ continues!

SGDQ Day 5: Contra, Thief, Zelda, Cuphead and more – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Episode 15.5

Today we recap what we saw on Day 4. Shiva talks about Contra Shattered solder, remembers the awful but fun Neo Contra and Mike talks about his love for Thief, his eager anticipation for the Mario block scheduled for later today and why he doesn’t really enjoy watching RPG speedruns. Check us out on twitter @frostfrontgames