SGDQ day 4: Metroid, Castlevania and all the awesome things – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Episode 15.4

Day 4 of SGDQ continues with a run down of how awesome of Metroid and Castlevania block was. SGDQ also hit an great milestone with donations during yesterday runs. We also look at today’s runs. Quite a diverse lineup in store from Halo 2 to Contra Shattered Soldier.

SGDQ Day 3! Metroid, Castlevania, Sonic and more! – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Ep. 15.3

Our super short cast gives a quick breakdown of what we loved yesterday and are looking forward to for Day 3 at Summer Games Done Quick. With multiple Metroid, Castlevania and Sonic runs planned and a recap of some crazy stuff that happened yesterday with records being set and intense upsets.

SGDQ is upon us! It runs all week and so will we! – Episode 15.1 Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast

We are doing something special this week. Every day for the next 6 days we will be putting out a super short 10-12 Minute (excluding intro/outro) podcast dedicated to SGDQ. We will be talking about what we are excited for that day and what we thought of the previous runs from the day before. Also, if we have time we will talk about a retro game or current game we are playing. Should be a fun week!