Studios closing, Nintendo Switch Online, Games coming out! – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Ep. 22

In this episode we switch things up a bit (snaps fingers). Mike and Shiva talk about EA’s potential threat of having to overhaul their lootbox system, the sad (but probably expected) closure of some studios, some new games hitting shelves this week, the thought of going online with Switch after being online for free and what games we are currently playing!

Octopath Traveler is here! – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Ep. 17

In this episode Mike and Shiva talk about the the highly anticipated Octopath Traveler. We both have varied opinions on the game based on our time spent with it so far and we both share those thoughts with our listeners. We also discuss some recent news regarding recent member of Bioware leaving to pursue some other goals. Mike and Shiva end up going down the rabbit hole of EA, Bioware and the changes in video games over the years.

Back in Toronto post E3 with thoughts (also Sucker Punch /= Insomniac)- Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Episode 14

In Episode 14 Shiva returns to Toronto again talking all about what happened at E3 and the aftermath that may have ensued. We first break up the first party companies with XBOX, Playstation and Nintendo high level analysis and end with the 3rd party E3 conferences. I really wanted to focus more on the games that stood out to me both from an impact on the industry and ones that may have really gained my attention (*cough* Cyberpunk *cough*).