Octopath Traveler deep dive! – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Ep. 19

On this episode of the podcast Shiva and Mike take a deep dive into Octopath Traveler. Mike gives a super in depth take of what he has noticed from the game, some of the weaknesses and how they are clearly overshadowed by the games strengths. We then touch on No Mans Sky where Shiva and Mike discuss their conflicting opinions of the release of NEXT, the free update with No Mans Sky two years after the launch of the game that left fans disappointed. Finally we close up talking about some new titles coming to consoles, lots of Metroidvanias around the corner, Shiva’s favorite!

The return of No Mans Sky? – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Episode 18

On Episode 18 Shiva chats about his thoughts on the return of No Mans Sky, the failure of Culling 2 and what AAA can probably learn or may already be learning based on how those developers handle their failures. Frost Front also chats about his experiences during his 12 years playing World of Warcraft, some awesome trailers from San Diego Comic Con and the awesome games coming out this week.