Going on a trip? What games should you pack? – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Ep. 20

Shiva talks about what he packs and avoids packing game and tech wise on his trips, his love for playing retro games on long flights and some insight as to what happened this week in the World of Warcraft community.

The return of No Mans Sky? – Frost Front Games Video Game Podcast Episode 18

On Episode 18 Shiva chats about his thoughts on the return of No Mans Sky, the failure of Culling 2 and what AAA can probably learn or may already be learning based on how those developers handle their failures. Frost Front also chats about his experiences during his 12 years playing World of Warcraft, some awesome trailers from San Diego Comic Con and the awesome games coming out this week.

Episode 02 – Back to the retro

On Episode 02 Mike joins us to talk about all things old school with and RPG twist. We begin by chatting about what we are playing now; Final Fantasy XII returns again, some surprising 3DS demos and Shiva getting back into comics after a 10-year hiatus. On the news side we give our thoughts on the Sega Genesis Collection announcement and what in the world is happening with the Final Fantasy VII Remake. We close off the podcast with a bit of a nostalgic tone discussing the games that have fallen off our radar and what some of the developers are doing to get us interested in them again.


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